Hotel Les Alpes - History

Since 1954 a history of hospitality and warmth

In 1954 Hans Erlacher, known to us as our beloved grandfather and great-grandfather, inherited the land in the area of Valiares. He was responsible for the construction work and built the first foundations of the hotel. At the time, there was a shortage of funds and the construction was halted for almost ten years. After the war, when the soldiers returned from the camps and had to practice in the mountains, they left their donkeys where our restaurant is today. In 1964, with ten rooms and a shared bathroom, the four women of the house opened the guesthouse. At that time our great-grandmother Maria took care of the preparation of the meals, preparing exclusively traditional Ladin dishes and serving them in the living room of the house. In winter when the temperature dropped a good mulled wine warmed the evening for everyone. In the seventies the small guesthouse was transformed into a hotel, a hotel that is still full of soul and life, because it is thanks to the past that we have arrived where we are today.


The beginning before the beginning

Hans Erlacher "De Corcela" has lived most of his life on the other side of the village of San Vigilio. When he inherited the land in the area of Valiares he was not very convinced at first. As time went by, he realised that this place would become his home. A place of the heart and immense satisfaction. He built the foundations, which remained at a standstill for 10 years due to lack of funds. When the soldiers returned from the camps to practice in the mountains, they left the donkeys where our restaurant is today.


The year of the event

In January 1964, Hans moved with his wife Maria and three daughters to "Valiares". With a lot of hard work and dedication they managed to build up a relationship with their guests and offer them a loving service. The sisters Barbara, Notburga and Traudl devoted a lifetime to looking after the welfare of the guests staying in the small guesthouse that was then. The boarding house consisted of 11 rooms with a shared bathroom and shower. The living room of the house was the meeting place for meals, they dined together with the guests and a relationship of courtesy and hospitality was born.


The first expansion

After the construction of the first facilities, San Vigilio attracts more and more tourists every year and thus allows them to enlarge the guesthouse and turn it into a hotel. The hotel acquired ten more rooms, all of which had private bathrooms. A breakfast room and tavern are added on the ground floor. The kitchen changes its appearance and is enlarged. The building work was carried out by grandfather Hans.

Hans Erlacher - Our Grandfather

Pioneer of tourism in San Vigilio, founder and president of one of the first ski clubs in Italy, hard worker, hotelier, beloved father, grandfather and great-grandfather. We have a lot to thank him for. His way of life was, to say the least, extraordinary, with a lot of will and desire to create. A piece of all of us has gone with him, but we will always remember him in our hearts.


The first renovation

The time for the first renovation arrived: the hotel acquired a separate entrance for guests and new rooms with private bathroom and shower were added. Rooms that did not yet have a bathroom at that time were given one. At that time, the guests were surprised by the traditional dishes that were served and the mulled wine that said goodnight in the evening. They could enjoy the typical cuisine.


The hotel comes to life

Shortly before the year two thousand, a glass room was added to the restaurant with a view of the slope. The hotel finally came to life. The customers immediately recognised the continuous improvement in quality. The strategic location and the good cuisine still characterise the Hotel Les Alpes today.


"The new management”

With the purchase of the hotel by Luciano Filippi, husband of his granddaughter Sofia, a long period of restoration and continuous renovation began, starting with the extension of the building. In recent years, it has acquired its own wellness centre, an indoor swimming pool, a waterslide, an outdoor panoramic whirlpool, the renovation of the rooms and the extension of the restaurant. Little by little the hotel has been and is still being renovated in order to keep up with the ever-changing needs of guests and the climate. We look forward to letting you experience the magic and beauty of our hotel. It is with great joy that we never tire of guaranteeing your well-being and cordiality.

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