The meeting

How it all began

Our family consists of five members, Sofia, Luciano, Veronica, Carlotta and Federico. Our parents met here in this hotel years ago, when Luciano, who was not even five years old, spent his first holiday in San Vigilio to go skiing, as he was from Vicenza. At the time, Sofia had just been born. She had always lived and grown up in San Vigilio at Les Alpes. They have been running the hotel together for many years now, improving it year after year and putting their hearts into it. Over the years the effort has paid off. Little by little, we children are trying to follow in our parents' footsteps and learn the trade they loved so much.

  • Friendliness and Education. Growing up we were taught moral principles of great importance. Through the teaching we were given, we try to be committed to our work.
  • Harmony. In our team we work with joy and serenity so that we can transmit to our beloved guests the pleasure we feel in doing our work.
  • Details. We show our love for our home by taking care of every detail and trying to satisfy your every wish.

Luciano is in charge of everything that concerns the running and development of the hotel. He is the innovative mind, full of ideas that make the structure and quality grow. One of his strengths is his generosity and willingness to joke with everyone. He is a great sports enthusiast, a lover of skiing with skins. He is the one who says good morning to you first thing in the morning.

Sofia has a contagious laugh, and it's hard not to notice her friendliness. Our hotel lives thanks to her strong, attentive and warm spirit. She is the heart of the hotel. She was born and raised in this house. You will always find her in the office available for any information, help or a chat.

Veronica is the oldest daughter. Always smiling and sunny, it's hard not to love her. She represents the creative side of the hotel and you'll find her next to Sofia (mum) in the office. Just handing her a pair of skis is enough to make her happy. Her passions also include mountaineering and climbing.

Carlotta is the second daughter. She graduated from the hotel management school. Her passion is catering and the history of wine. A connoisseur of wine and good food. She is the calm and serene one at home. You will find Carlotta in the restaurant where she will help you with the choice of wines.

Federico is the youngest of the house. If you meet him, even for just a minute, you can already understand that he is a very active and enterprising person, never still and full of energy. His passions are many, but in particular wooden constructions and all kinds of engines. You will find Federico everywhere.

Philosophy and values

Warm and friendly atmosphere

As a family-run hotel, our values are friendliness, hospitality and well-being. Our task is to give you a feeling of tranquillity, to enjoy every moment of the day and to make you feel at home. After all, it is our emotions that teach us how to live, that allow us to grow and listen with our hearts. Breathing in clean and regenerating mountain air, you feel at peace from early morning, admiring the view that we are lucky enough to share with you. From breakfast, to the afternoon snack, to dinner, we try to pamper you in every way. It is our priority to personally take care of every detail.

Hotel Les Alpes Dolomites

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