A harmonious water landscape

Stop time, let go and regain your balance

Our pool is much more than just a swimming pool. Thanks to its modern design and countless water features, it blends harmoniously into our elegant and genuine environment. Let yourself be inspired by the pleasant warm temperature, which will give you a break from your daily routine. Our water landscape will provide you with priceless moments spent with your loved ones.

  • Our panoramic outdoor whirlpool with its pleasant warm temperature will give you unforgettable sensations while admiring the majestic Dolomites.
  • For swimming enthusiasts, we recommend the counter-current swimming which is incorporated into the thermarium pool, so you can keep fit even on holiday.
  • For children the thermarium pool is pure fun where they can make new friends and have fun with their family. Our pool opens at 13:00.

Our swimming pool creates a precious oasis in which to relax, thanks to various accessories, such as the three-level massage, neck massage fountain, effervescent bed and counter-current swimming. Between treatments, you can relax by the pool in the comfortable ergonomic effervescent beds or enjoy the regenerating temperature of the water.

Swimming in a small space is possible. The wide current makes you feel as if you are in a moving stream. You can adjust the force so that you decide how much fun you want to have. A pleasant massage has a long beneficial effect on all muscles, the jets are arranged at three different heights to ensure a massage from the legs to the vertebrae.

Lying on a stainless steel bed is like flying, the body feels light thanks to the bubbles rising from below and the massaged skin. Well-being is not only for the body, the mind also floats carefree. It is an invitation to let yourself be lulled into water and relax your whole body. The bubbles come out of modern stainless steel strips.

Light or stimulating, it will be like a massage by expert hands. A pleasant well-being for the entire shoulder area. You can relax for as long as you like. Everyone would like to enjoy the feeling of being under a crystal-clear waterfall. Feeling like you are in paradise with the water enveloping you.

Hotel Les Alpes Dolomites

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