Col Bechei, where time stands still

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For mountain enthusiasts, those who love the fresh air that caresses your cheeks and the altitude, Col Bechei in the Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park is the right place for you, one of the most climbed peaks in our area. Col Bechei is one of my personal favourites, to be visited both in summer and in winter (ski touring). The mountains, the alpine environment and the special feeling you get when you see the masters of the land, the ibex. The feeling you get at the top is indescribable, the enchantment of the mountains, breathing immense beauty, the sound of the wind and the spontaneous emotions in front of the idyllic Dolomites. For nature lovers, simply a paradise.

The starting point is Pederü, from where you follow the path on the right-hand side on foot until you reach the Fanes refuge. From the Fanes hut, go up to Lè de Limo on the path no. 10 / 11 and after having rounded the mountain, the ascent to Col Bechei begins. Good physical condition and great caution are required. The overwhelming scenery at the summit is indescribable, your gaze wanders in amazement from the Odles to the Tofane, from Conturines to Lavarella, from Cima Dieci to Cima Nove. The harmony of the Dolomites and of nature, a harmony that makes us feel so small in front of such beauty.


Col Bechei occupies a special place in my heart from the moment I was able to witness an indescribable sunrise at the top of the peak, surrounded by majestic ibexes which convey indescribable emotions. A feeling of gratitude, well-being and love for nature, an infinite love.

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