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Moments of joy and relaxation in the heart of the Dolomites

Immerse yourself in the slow rhythm of nature and treat yourself to a regenerating wellness break with wellness treatments, massages, our herbal tea corner, a heated water massage bed, Kneipp therapy, exciting showers and an ice waterfall. When you come back from an intense day of sport and emotions, you will enjoy the relaxing paths of our wellness centre, which will give you an unforgettable alpine experience surrounded by our beloved Dolomites that will make everything even more special.

  • In our wellness centre you can book a session on the water massage bed, which is used for those who suffer from severe back pain or muscle aches.
  • Enjoy our herbal teas. A cup of good tea, symbol of hospitality, inspiring harmony and peace, reflecting nature and the regenerating beauty of the Dolomites.
  • At 15:30 the wellness area opens, where there is no room for stress. Your only thought is to enjoy your holiday and listen to relaxing music in the background.

With Medwave, you enter a new era in the field of therapeutic massage. This particularly effective massage can be individually adjusted for specific treatments and offers additional massage techniques such as pulse massage. Guests are transported to a unique world during the treatment.

The ice waterfall offers an unmissable refreshment after a sauna or steam bath and helps to tone the skin. Our ice fountain is inside a frigidarium area where the client can comfortably place ice, collected in a container, to lower the body temperature.

The Kneipp technique uses the therapeutic properties of bathing in water at different temperatures. Our Kneipp is exclusively designed to immerse the feet. In particular, it stimulates blood flow and promotes oxygenation. The beneficial effect of Kneipp is combined with other treatments such as sauna, Turkish bath and massages.

Herbal teas are considered a drink of tranquillity and patience, rich in well-being and each with unique properties. That's why our herbal tea corner is located directly in the relaxation area, where you can relax and regenerate while sipping a herbal tea that purifies the mind and body.

Our Wellness Centre will make your stay an ecstasy of pure wellbeing, with massages and treatments that positively affect every part of your body, loosening tissues and instilling a general feeling of relaxation. You can pamper your muscles, purify your body or simply indulge in relaxation.

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