Massages and treatments

Full of well-being and beauty

In our wellness centre there is nothing more relaxing than a massage or a beauty treatment after a day spent outdoors or an exciting day of skiing. Our beautician-masseuse will take care of you professionally. Find the space to dedicate to yourself and love yourself for real.

  • Our massage room is a warm temperature environment, from the scent that creates an unforgettable atmosphere to the relaxing music in the background.
  • We use Ericson Laboratoire products. An authentic promise of beauty with the highest quality, paying the utmost attention to each and every one of your needs.
  • To guarantee your desired appointments please book in time, for wellness gift vouchers please contact us by email or phone.
Pampering and relaxation

Phyto Art - Vitalis, Dr, Joseph - Ericson Laboratoire

Our beauty centre uses this extraordinary cosmetic and natural line of Phyto Art products from South Tyrol in most of our massage treatments. These refined, beneficial, regenerating beauty products are based on the ancient practices of European medicine and traditional folk medicine, to ensure the highest quality, sustainability, well-being and effectiveness of natural products, always driven by love and passion for man and nature. The ingredients used give softness, freshness, energy and strength, are well tolerated and also distinguish our "Art of Care" team.

Decontracting massage

50 min.80 €

Ideal massage for warming up and relaxing the muscles, before and after sport. it is a rather intense massage, based on stimulating the aching muscles, in order to relax them and release contractures.

Lymphatic drainage massage

ca. 25 / 45 min45 - 80 €

Lymph drainage is a special massage technique, which is applied to areas of the body with swelling and a feeling of heaviness. It promotes the reabsorption of oedemas.

Foot Massage

ca. 25 min.45 €

The feet are a delicate structure, essential for a good quality of life, which is subjected to inevitable daily overload. A nice warm bath with pads and a good massage are always followed by a very pleasant and relaxing feeling.

Sports pack - Muscles and Fitness

50 min.80 €

This special Swiss stone pine sports pack is applied with high-quality Alpine oil extracts from arnica, hemp, horse chestnut and mint. The active ingredients of these oils strengthen the immune system, have a healthy effect on the cardiovascular system and relax the muscles after a day's sport.

Relaxing head and neck massage

ca. 25 min.45 €

With this massage, tensions and stress disappear. Treat yourself to this massage, which will completely regenerate you.

Classic full body massage

ca. 50min80 €
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