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Breathe in the beneficial warmth in our saunas

At Hotel Les Alpes you can choose the type of sauna best suited to your needs, whether a warm or a humid environment. Let your thoughts fly in the midst of a silent natural landscape. Discover our saunas: the indoor Finnish sauna, the outdoor Finnish alpine hut, the sanarium and the steam bath. The benefit of the heat relaxes both your muscles and your spirit for maximum physical and mental relaxation. In our wellness centre you can enjoy the utmost comfort and regenerate after an intense and cold day.

  • Our wellness centre is suitable for anyone wishing to focus on their circulation, taking advantage of Kneipp and our various tropical and ice showers.
  • Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful rejuvenating atmosphere of our outdoor sauna, located directly on the slopes.
  • The larch wood and scented stones of the saunas blend the indoor and outdoor environment, reflecting the characteristic nature that surrounds us.

The Finnish sauna is typical of northern countries. Loved by all for its main characteristics of a beauty and wellness treatment. A Finnish sauna (also known as a dry sauna) works by heating the stones placed on the heat source, so the air becomes dry and you have to humidify it by throwing water with essential oils on the stones.

The Finnish outdoor sauna is distinctive to our eyes because it reflects the enchanting nature that surrounds us through the scented stones and larch wood. Let yourself be lulled by the warmth of the fire and the scent of natural oils. Like our indoor sauna, it works by heating the stones to humidify the air.

The sanarium offers five different climate zones. By increasing the humidity, the sanarium can keep the perceived heat constant even when the temperature is actually low. Ė the best way to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation after a good walk or day of skiing.

The steam bath has an ancient history. The difference with the sauna is above all the lower temperature, 45/50°C, but the humidity is 100%, therefore also the effect of perspiration of the body is different. The heat is halved and the steam is enriched with beneficial aromatic essences that envelop the body, purifying and delighting it.

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