When the mountains become part of us

2:30 hourseasy

During the summer months, when there are countless hikes and mountain bike tours available, a trip to the Fanes lakes is a must. I often recommend excursions to our guests, after having informed myself about their physical fitness and preparation, in order to make sure that they have a pleasant and unforgettable day. The Fanes Lakes are easily reached after two and a half hours. In this magnificent amphitheatre of beauty your eyes will marvel at the unspoilt nature, the Dolomite mountains that make the landscape so enchanting and the animals that inhabit it.

Start from Pederü (1545 m, refuge, car park) and proceed along the little road on your right, or on the parallel path 7, meeting on a step the little Piciodél lake (1819 m); continue on to Munt de Pice Fanes and lé Vërt (2042 m), where you will discover two magnificent refuges: Ütia de Lavarela, Ütia de Fanes. In half an hour you will reach the Jú de Limo pass with its third lake. Returning to Fanes, take path no. 12 to the west, which leads to a large basin in which the lé Parom lies. Return to the path and continue until you reach the Pederü again.


The Natural Park Fanes-Senes-Braies gives indescribable emotions, you have to live these emotions personally to enclose them in your heart. Little is needed for a beautiful day. A ray of sunshine, admiring the Dolomite mountains or catching a glimpse of an Alpine marmot are a guarantee for a memorable day.

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